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7 Best Cosmetic Manufacturers In Kerala

Kerala, popularly known as ‘God’s own country’ is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and green landscapes but also robust cosmetic manufacturing business. Kerala, a state in southern India has become the center for the production of cosmetics and with good reason. Kerala’s cosmetic industry is an evidence of natural and sustainable practices, in accordance with its diversified natural surroundings. This business has established a reputation for high quality, natural products and dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques. Kerala Is known for best cosmetic manufacturers in Kerala.

In Kerala, the manufacturing industry takes advantage of the diverse ecosystem to find high-quality, all-natural ingredients for their cosmetic products. Natural and eco-friendly beauty products are in high demand, and the state’s picturesque scenery and diverse flora serve as a rich source of inspiration for manufacturers. Kerala’s cosmetic producers have effectively combined history, modernity, and sustainability to establish themselves as market leaders. With an emphasis on quality, ethics, and the environment, they continue to address the changing requirements of customers who seek beauty and personal care products that exhibit a strong bond with nature.


The Rising Demand in the Cosmetic Market

India’s cosmetics industry is expanding remarkably. The industry was worth INR 54,558 crore in 2020. From 2022 to 2027, the market is anticipated to develop at a constant annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5%. Several factors, such as rising spending on personal care items and the popularity of herbal cosmetics, contribute to this trend.

The increasing female workforce, changing fashion trends, and the influence of social media are all contributing to an increase in demand for beauty and personal care products. There are many potential for future growth as major industry players actively investigate cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to develop new brands and products.


Here is a List of 7 best Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala


1. Orchid Lifesciences

Orchid Lifesciences

Orchid Lifesciences stands out as the top cosmetic manufacturer in Kerala. They excel at creating Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products with their over 30 years of industry experience and top-notch production facility. Orchid Lifesciences provides end-to-end solutions from product conceptualization to packaging designs, and relies on innovation.

Their products are a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, making them a unique and compelling choice for your cosmetic line. Certifications from FDCA Gujarat and ISO 22716 highlight their dedication to research and excellence. This rapidly expanding company has a committed staff of experts that make sure that high quality cosmetics and personal care and cosmetic products arrive on schedule.

In the constantly changing cosmetics industry, Orchid Lifesciences is your go-to-partner for developing cutting-edge formulations.


Products offered by them :-

Beauty Cream Essential Oils Stretch Mark Cream Cleansers
Massage Cream Aroma & Massage Oil Dark Circle Under Eye Hair Colour Wax
Skin Cream Tinted Sunscreen Cream Hair Setting Spray
Under Arm Cream Foot Cream Face Serum Heat Protecting Spray
Body Lotion Fairness Cream Massage Oil Heat Straightening Spray
Face Wash Night Cream Sunscreen Lotion Body Scrub
Face & Body Scrub Skin Whitening Cream Foaming Face Wash Peel Off Mask
Coffee Scrub Dark Spot Cream Massage Cream De Tan Pack
Lip Balm Facial Kit Face Scrub Facial Kit
Body Powders Body Wash Hair Spa Foaming Face Wash
Lip Scrub Tan Removers Face Cleansers Hair Removal Spray
Anti Aging Cream Cleansing Milk Clay Stick mask Hair Removal Cream
Peel Off Mask Charcoal Peel Mask 3 In 1 Cleansers Sugar Wax
Aloe Vera Gel Hand Sanitizer Hair Removal Foam Shampoo
Under Eye Gel Anti Acne Cream Liposoluble Wax Conditioner
Face Pack Anti Wrinkle Cream Bridal Kit Hair Colour Cream
Curly Enhancer Spray Facial Sheet Mask Hair Mask Hair Serum
Hair Straightening Cream Sunscreen



Plot No. 68-72, Tribhuvan Industrial Estate, Road No.11, Nr. Kathwada GIDC, Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-382430



Email –


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2. Bioveda Naturals


Bioveda Naturals is a renowned cosmetics manufacturer with a long history in Kerala. This company has firmly established its place in the industry by producing great beauty and personal care products while maintaining high quality and purity requirements. What distinguishes Bioveda Naturals is its steadfast dedication to harnessing nature’s bounty.

They diligently create their goods using organic and herbal ingredients while sticking to Ayurvedic principles. This commitment to authenticity has earned Bioveda Naturals a reputation for producing cosmetics that not only enhance one’s attractiveness but also contribute to one’s overall well-being. The guiding principles of Bioveda Naturals include sustainability and environmental awareness.

They use ecologically friendly manufacturing techniques and responsibly obtain their ingredients. In keeping with its dedication to protecting the environment, the company places a high priority on ethical behavior and sustainability throughout its supply chain. They offer a wide variety of skincare, haircare, personal care, and wellness products. A leader in the cosmetics sector, Bioveda Naturals gives customers access to products that are opulent, eco-friendly, and made from natural ingredients. They keep redefining natural beauty solutions in their constant pursuit of innovation.

Join Bioveda Naturals and elevate your brand.



TK 426 Z 13,1st floor,KP Plaza,Parakkandy, Kannur, Kerala 670001, India


+91 81130 28889



3. Pyary Soap Company


With a history that dates back to 1930, Pyary Products has established itself as a top rated cosmetics manufacturer in India that upholds excellent quality, earning its reputation on  a global scale. Their product line includes the well-known Herbal Cosmetics and is manufactured from naturally pure ingredients and offers therapeutic advantages suitable for all seasons. Their roots go deep into the fertile soil of Kerala, nurturing not only herbs but communities.

Pyary, based in Kerala, a state with a wide population of cultures, Pyary embraces the traditional science of life known as Ayurveda and uses it along with natural herbs to nourish the body and mind. Pyary Products is the ideal partner as herbal cosmetic products manufacturer in Kerala which has been acknowledged by major awards and certificates.

Due to their Pyary’s commitment to excellence and the support of Kerala’s Ayurvedic history, they are the best option to fulfil your need of partnering with top cosmetic manufacturers in Kerala.



Poonithura, Cochin – 682038 Kerala – India


+91 484 2306991



4. Holy Lama Naturals

Holy Lama Naturals

Holy Lama Naturals, an innovative company founded in 1946, stood out as an ideal partner. With more than 7 decades of experience, they have been producing premium Herbal cosmetic products, offering a wide range from face creams, fragrance, shampoo and many more including essential oils. Their ISO and GMP ensure high quality, pure and natural products with a focus on research and development.

The Holy Lama has a great reputation for excellence and serves more than 30 nations. This leading cosmetic manufacturer provides best contract production and private label cosmetic manufacturing services due to their dedication to environment sustainability. They are dedicated to ensuring that every product you create with us carries the mark of genuine, natural beauty.

Holy Lama is one of the best cosmetic manufacturers in Kerala you’ve been searching for.



Vaishali Industries Major Industrial Estate, K.D Plot P.O., South Kalamassery, Cochin 683 104, Kerala, India.


+91 484 – 2559187



5. Greenleaf Extractions Private Limited

Greenleaf Extracto

Greenleaf Extractions is a company in Kerala, India that makes natural ingredients from plants and herbs for different industries. They specialize in producing premium cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic goods. They have a lot of plant diversity in India and they work with farmers who grow these plants. They offer a variety of herbs and medicinal plants by utilizing India’s riches of over 45,000 plant species and various ecosystems.

Quality control is a top priority for them, and all of their products meet stringent specifications. They have two facilities for different kinds of products and a well-equipped laboratory. They guarantee “Total Quality Management,” since they are accredited by ISO, HACCP, and GMP. They are a reliable source of natural ingredients from India. Quality control is a top priority for them, and all of their products meet stringent specifications.

Greenleaf Extractions Pvt. Ltd. offers quality and innovation at an affordable price – don’t wait to choose them as your best natural cosmetic manufacturing company.



Plot No:15, 321/1, KINFRA HI-TECH Park, Opp. Cochin Medical College, HMT Colony P.O. Kalamassery 683503, Kerala, India.


+91 484 2986092
+91 97457 50040



6. Vab Cosmetics

Vab Cosmetics

Vab Cosmetics, an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company, is your ideal manufacturing partner for cosmetics and skincare products. They specialise in producing premium cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic goods. Vab Cosmetics stands out for their commitment to both innovation and excellence. They serve a wide range of customers, including doctors, makeup artists, hotels, and retail brands in addition to salons and spas.

You will receive the newest and top-quality products because of their dedication to staying ahead of market trends. Vab Cosmetics has all of your needs addressed, from face washes to hair care. Quality control is a top priority for them, and all of their products meet stringent specifications. They’re also well-known for their cruelty-free formulas and eye-catching designs. Vab Cosmetics has inexpensive minimums, allowing anyone to create their own beauty product company.

Join hands with Vab Cosmetics to bring your cosmetic visions to life. Vab Cosmetics is the ideal partner for designing and promoting your beauty goods, whether you are a beauty professional or an entrepreneur.



Vab Cosmetics, Door No-1/363,1/368A, NH 66 Azhinjilam P.O, Calicut – 673632, Kerala


+91 7510607700



7. Siso Cosmetics

Siso Cosmetics




Established in 1985, Siso Cosmetics is a finest cosmetics manufacturer in South India. The brand is known for its high-quality herbal-based products offered at unbeatable prices. With millions of satisfied customers across India and several countries, including UAE, Oman, China, Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, UK, Canada, and the Netherlands, Siso has made a mark with its dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality. Siso offers a range of 27+ products and has received recognition through various awards.

The company prioritizes transparency and innovation, staying ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions for its clients. With certifications including ISO 9001, 14001 and 22716 (CGMP), Siso’s manufacturing facility maintains the highest standards. Their products have a range of categories like hair care, skincare, and personal hygiene, making Siso a trusted name in herbal cosmetics, offering affordable, safe and effective beauty solutions.

If you work with Siso Cosmetics, you have access to cutting-edge solutions, innovative business ideas, and a dedication to product testing and development that goes above and beyond what is expected in the cosmetics market.



TC No. 4/2590, Siso Building, Chavadimukku, Pangappara – P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695581


+91 98471 50005





Q1. What are the advantages of partnering with cosmetic manufacturers in Kerala?


Partnering with Kerala-based cosmetic companies offers access to a rich source of natural ingredients, skilled labor and a heritage of herbal knowledge. It can also help in creating unique, eco-friendly beauty products.


Q2. How can I collaborate with Kerala’s top cosmetic manufacturers for private label products?


Many companies in Kerala offer private label or contract manufacturing services such as Orchid Lifesciences and other top manufacturers mentioned above. You can initiate collaboration by reaching out to them and discussing your specific requirements and branding.


Q3. Can I get assistance in product development and formulation for my private label brand?


Yes, many Kerala cosmetic manufacturers offer research and development (R&D) services to help you develop customized formulas that align with your brand’s goals and vision.


Q4. What makes Kerala a hub for cosmetic manufacturing?


Kerala’s abundant natural resources, including medicinal plants and herbs, make it an ideal location for producing herbal and organic cosmetics. The state’s lush environment inspires innovative and sustainable beauty products.


Q5. How do I ensure the cosmetics are made ethically and sustainably?


To ensure ethical and sustainable production, choose a manufacturing partner committed to environmentally friendly practices and fair labor conditions. Look for certifications such as ISO standards and GMP compliance. It’s also essential to inquire about their ingredient sourcing, packaging materials, and waste management processes.


Q6. What types of certifications should I look for in a cosmetic manufacturing company?


Look for certifications like ISO, GMP, and FDA compliance, as they ensure that the manufacturer follows great quality and safety standards.



First and foremost, these companies bring an extensive understanding of herbal and natural formulations. Kerala’s cosmetic companies are more than just businesses; they are keepers of a rich tradition. They use the beauty of Kerala’s nature to create beauty products that are good for you and the environment. These organic cosmetic manufacturing companies are not just popular in Kerala; they are making a name for themselves around the world. People everywhere love their natural and eco-friendly products. As more and more people look for beauty products that are kind to the planet, Kerala’s cosmetic companies are showing the way. They are all about quality and sustainability.

The future for Kerala’s cosmetic industry is bright. They are not just making products; they are creating a legacy of beauty that celebrates nature and tradition. Kerala truly is “God’s Own” when it comes to cosmetics.

Hope this blog helps, and ease your search for Best Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala.


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