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Top Personal Care Products Manufacturer in India: Crafting the Best Private Label Cosmetics

Orchid Lifesciences stands as a beacon of excellence in the beauty care industry of India. With a commitment to quality and innovation we are able to carve a niche in the creation of premium beauty products. Our unique approach to product development blends traditional wisdom with contemporary science resulting in a range that is as effective as it is gentle. Simplifying beauty care, one product at a time – that’s Orchid Lifesciences for you.

Product Range

Massage Cream

Face Scrub

Hair Spa

Face Cleansers

Clay Stick mask

3 In 1 Cleansers

Hair Removal Foam

Lipsoluble Wax

Bridal Kit

Hair Mask


Hair Colour Wax

Hair Setting Spray

Heat Protecting Spray

Heat Straightening Spray

Body Scrub

Peel Off Mask

De Tan Pack

Facial Kit

Foaming Face Wash

Hair Removal Spray

Hair Removal Cream

Sugar Wax



Hair Colour Cream

Hair Serum

Curly Enhancer Spray

Hair Straightening Cream



Beauty & Salon Care

Unique Beauty| Salon Care Products Manufacturing process

  • Manufacturing plant setup in an area of 60,000 sq.ft.
  • Dedicated 3 zone Automated Manufacturing Plant, Filling and Packaging facility designed to avoid cross contamination, with separate man and material entry.
  • Dust Proof Environment within the facility, ensuring no contamination.
  • Products filling volumes ranging from 2 ml/gm to 1000 ml/gm in tubes, bottles, jar, pouch.
  • Products production capacity of 16 Tons/ Day
  • Filling Capacity: Tubes – 5.5 million/ month, Bottles – 1.5 million/ month, Jars – 1.2 million/ month, Powder Bottles-1.0 million/ month Pouch – 5.5 million/ month
Beauty & Salon Care

Unique Beauty | Salon Care Products Research process

  • In-house Laboratory setup for Testing & Analysis of raw materials, In-process material and finished product.
  • Research & Development facility is constructed under a Pharma Clean Room Partition with PVC flooring and covings to avoid outside contamination.
  • Segregated in separate departments according to the tests to be performed- Stability area, Instrument area, Physio-chemical area, R&D pilot mixer area, and Q.C. staff area.
  • Dedicated highly skilled staff for development of customized formulations for individual customers
  • Our products undergo stability testing under controlled temperature and humidity for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months to ensure their quality and effectiveness.
  • Research & Development Facility is equipped with a pilot plant 5 kg (3 vessel system with vacuum) for pilot batch trials prior to commercial production.
  • Packaging testing instruments for testing corrugation, mono carton and tubes

Advantages of working with us

A Complete Private Label Solution From Formulation to Packaging

Beauty & Salon Care

  • Complete range of cosmetic products include- creams, lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen, gels, serums, body wash, hand wash, face wash, scrub, hair care and many more with over 300 tested product formulas
  • 300+ ready to use formulations, helping to launch a brand in days
  • Orchid Lifesciences exclusive startup programme supports entrepreneurs with lower batch sizes
  • Professional team of Chemist, marketers, manufacturing experts who will help your brand to succeed
  • Experts who will provide complete knowledge about the products and ingredients
  • Orchid Lifesciences is one of the Premium Private Label Products Manufacturers in India, Quality products- Derma Care, baby care, body care, hair care, ayurvedic products

Beauty & Salon Care

  • Manufacturing plant setup in an area of 60,000 sq.ft. And additional space for future expansion
  • Top of the class Manufacturing Setup with machineries to support startups as well as large scale batch sizes
  • Manufacturing Personnels with 30+ years of experience ensure the production runs 24X7
  • All processes are carried out In-House. Allowing control over quality
  • Dust Proof Environment within the facility, ensuring zero contamination

Beauty & Salon Care

  • Dedicated In-House R & D laboratory constructed under pharma clean room partition
  • Lab is equipped with latest instruments for testing and development of new formulations
  • Stability of each product as per required climate conditions is our top most priority
  • Dedicated team of Chemist responsible for Testing and New Product Formulation Development

Beauty & Salon Care

  • Marketing personnels dedicated for you in assisting with new product development, order processing and any product related inquiries
  • 365 day support for any product information and sampling.
  • Practical Approach to problem solving related to market needs.
  • Transparency with clients is our topmost priority

Elevate Your Beauty Salon care products Brand with our Premium Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer In India

With Orchid Lifesciences Premium Private Label service, you can significantly elevate your beauty care cosmetic product brand by offering a unique platform for differentiation of your brand from others in the market.

  • Ready to use formulations to launch your brand.
  • Help you to build exceptional & top-quality products that would definitely shine in the competitive skin care market.
  • Leveraging our advanced research, development and manufacturing capabilities your brand can introduce innovative beauty care solutions that are not only effective but also aligned with the latest beauty trends.
  • We focus more on using organic & ethically sourced ingredients that fit perfectly with the rising consumer interest in ‘clean’ and ‘green’ beauty products making the brands even more appealing.
Beauty & Salon Care


Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Top-tier Third Party Salon Range | Beauty Care Products Manufacturing Company

collection of Beauty products displayed on a clean white background

Orchid Lifesciences is a leading third-party beauty care products manufacturing company which helps your brand to reach full potential with

  • Advanced manufacturing methods, top-notch quality control and deep industry expertise.
  • We provide various services like formulating, manufacturing and packaging products. These services will help your brand to succeed in the beauty care industry with confidence.
  • Orchid Lifesciences customizable solutions enable brands to make special derma care products tailored to attract specific audiences. This builds brand loyalty and promotes growth.
collection of Beauty products displayed on a clean white background
  • Our expertise in delivering high-quality, compliant and innovative oral care products can empower brands to establish a strong market presence.
  • Our company’s research and development capabilities provide you with the most unique and custom formulations to set you apart in this competitive landscape.
  • Our product quality are unmatched in market as a third party manufacturer and toothpaste manufacturing company in India
  • Orchid Lifesciences commitment to sustainability and ethical production will enhance your brand’s image aligning it with the increasing consumer preference for socially responsible companies.
  • By utilizing Orchid Lifesciences comprehensive end-to-end services, you will be able to streamline your production processes and focus more on marketing and customer engagement to drive growth. We provided end to end customisation solutions as a third party manufacturer across India and the globe.

Packaging | Branding | Customization Options

We offers a diverse portfolio of customizable options for our clients. Our service ranges from conceptualization to packaging allowing clients to have a high degree of control over their products. This includes selection of ingredients, choosing the scent and tailoring the packaging design to suit your brand’s unique identity.
  • Tube, Label, Bottle, Jar, Pouch – Artwork designing with experts.
  • Wide range of options available from around the world- ABL Tubes, PBL Tubes, HDPE Bottle, PET Bottles, PP Jar, HDPE Jars, Glass bottles and Jars, Pumps, Seamless Tubes, 359 Degree Printed tubes.
  • Brand creation services- Logo design, Brand story and complete branding services available.











Beauty & Salon Care
Toothpaste filling capacity
Orchid Lifesciences Cosmetic products filling Capacity

Spreading Cosmetic beauty products Across Continents | Leading Salon Beauty Products Exporter

Leading Exporter of Toothpaste| Mouthwash | Herbal Toothpaste
Beauty & Salon Care
Orchid Lifesciences has been pivotal in touching lives across continents by being a global exporter. We have reached an impressive milestone by providing our services to countries like – USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and many more across the world. Orchid Lifesciences has been trusted as a leading exporter due to our well known dynamic and innovative approach. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring stringent quality controls, overseeing effective production processes and managing efficient supply chain to deliver products. Orchid Lifesciences has a strong supply chain and deep knowledge of global markets to help your brand expand beyond borders and connect with more potential consumers.

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Good Manufacturing Practice Certification
ISO 22716:2007 Certified
FDA Approved
Good Manufacturing Practice Certification
ISO 22716:2007 Certified
Import Export Code
FDA Approved
Goods And Service Tax
D-U-N-S Registered
Import Export Code
D-U-N-S Registered
Goods And Service Tax


Discover the secrets to radiant skin with our collection of beauty products

Tremendous Market Potential for New Brands: Beauty Care Products Market size

Discover the secrets to radiant skin with our collection of beauty products
The global skin products market size is estimated at USD 262.21 billion in 2022 which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.20% for the period 2023- 2030 during the forecast period. This drastic increase is indicative of new trends and needs of the market. Primary reasons of growth are-
Beauty & Salon Care
  • The trend for quality products- organic, herbal and Ayurvedic beauty care products has been recently increased drastically.
  • Growing awareness of adverse effects of synthetic chemicals on the skin.
  • Great opportunity for big corporation/ brands as well as startups to leverage this opportunity to launch new products in these categories to build long lasting sustainable brands.

We at Orchid Lifesciences offer Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing as well as Cosmetic Private Label Manufacturing services to brands to launch new products as per your brands vision and needs of the market.
We are a leading contract manufacturer who are at the forefront in research and development of new product formulation for advanced personal care products.

Your Brands Safety is our Priority


We experienced team of research and development professionals have years of experience in selection of ingredients. We keep lot of factors while sourcing, clean, sustainable and eco certified materials are our first choice. We source materials from 15+ countries which are made in finest facilities allowing us to make great products.

You can judge a manufacturer based on the following parameter- Facility Size, Years of Experience, Team Size, Brands served, Transparency, Manufacturing Capacity, Filling Capacity, Sustainable practices, Ethical behaviour. Orchid Lifesciences, India’s oldest and leading cosmetic skin care products manufacturer know for our transparency, sustainable approach, customer first orientation.
We believe in nature friendly approach of packaging and waste generation. We are a zero discharge unit. We have and ETP- Effluent Treatment Plant to process all the waste generated during the manufacturing procedure. We always recommend eco friendly packaging to our clients. We plant trees on routine basis to help the nature.
We do it for you. We ask you, your target market which can be online/ e-commerce or traditional retail, based on it we suggest trending products. Extensive sampling is done for you to trial products in market. We design the packaging as per your idea and source it for you. We deliver the finished product ready to sell.
Typically, a ball park figure would be 2-5 Lakhs Indian rupees, to start with 3-4 products. It all depends which category you are looking to enter.
Beauty products business is on a trending high with demands increasing everyday. Consumers are demanding new and innovative products as the awareness for clean beauty and chemical free products is increasing. The spending power of consumers worldwide has risen. Beauty products business is very profitable and sustainable.
India is a land of herbal plants and due to its botanical diversity in the hilly areas, all the chemical free cosmetics required herbal and ayurvedic extracts are available in abundance which help to improve the skin quality. India is no doubtebly the best country to get skin care products manufactured
Cosmetics is approved by state government department FDCA – Food and Drug Control Administration
Cosmetic license to manufacturer cost around 1 Lakh in India
No license is required to sell products in India. We take all the Food And Drug Product Permissions for you under our License.
Orchid Lifesciences maintains high standards of quality through regular inspections and rigorous testing procedures. They also possess quality certifications such as ISO and GMP, ensuring that their products meet the global benchmarks.

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