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Top 7 Best Cosmetic Manufacturers In Nashik

The cosmetics sector has developed as a vibrant and ever-expanding worldwide market, exhibiting steady expansion and transformation. cosmetic manufacturers in Nashik has a varied customer base, this industry has seen consistent growth, showing an increasing emphasis on personal care, grooming, and beauty improvement. sector research and industry insights reveal a tremendous increase in the cosmetic sector, which includes a wide range of items ranging from skincare to cosmetics, hair care products, baby care and fragrances.

This expansion is being driven by a number of causes, including changing customer tastes, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, and the continuous launch of new items. In a culture that values our appearance and individual expression more than ever, the cosmetic business is constantly adapting, providing a lively and dynamic platform for both established and developing brands looking to fulfil the growing needs and tastes of an always-discerning customer base.


Popularity of Cosmetic Industry in Nashik

In recent years, the cosmetic sector in Nashik, India has shown remarkable expansion in both demand and market share. This growth is mostly driven by the local population’s growing awareness of personal grooming and appearance. The demand for cosmetic products has increased in the city’s market, indicating a move towards improving appearances and promoting self-confidence.

The robust growth of this industry has been largely credited to the emergence of local brands and enterprises in addition to the availability of both national and international cosmetic items. The cosmetics industry in Nashik is expanding due to rising consumer spending power and a growing economy. It is adjusting to the newest technology advancements and beauty trends, which bodes well for both consumers and businesses.


About Cosmetic Industry in Nashik

Nashik, located in Maharashtra’s northwest area, has grown into an important economic hub within the state. It is known as India’s wine capital, and it has a thriving wine industry with various vineyards and wineries. Aside from its spiritual significance, the city has achieved significant progress in economic and commercial growth. Agriculture, manufacturing, and information technology have thrived, adding to the country’s economic progress. The strategic position of the city, together with its developing infrastructure and business-friendly climate, has attracted investments and generated an environment suitable to entrepreneurial initiatives and industrial expansions.


Here is a list of Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Nashik


1. Orchid Lifesciences

Orchid Lifesciences

One of the leading partners for businesses looking for premium private label and third-party manufacturing solutions is Orchid Lifesciences, a well-known cosmetic producer. Offering a wide range of services, this firm with more than 40 years of experience provides ready-to-use formulas for customized brand launches, full-scale contract production, delivery, and bespoke product creation with best designs based on market demands.

The company delivers cosmetics to the market using properly packaged materials, ensuring revolutionary beauty products for every part of the body. Modern, ISO-certified facilities like this one guarantee superior manufacturing and compliance to global regulations including WHO-GMP and FDA licenses.

Orchid Lifesciences is known for its broad sourcing of ingredients, automated production processes, and a committed research and development staff that produces goods that are correctly focused on the market. With a focus on skincare, haircare, oral care products, and cosmetics, they offer complete assistance from ideation to finished product which leaves an effective effect on skin.

Orchid Lifesciences is a fully-fledged cosmetic manufacturing company in Nashik, providing outstanding services to international brands with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and dependability. Its dedication, diverse experience, and constant commitment to perfection have made it one of the industry leaders. The company is not only a part of the city, Nashik and other states but also keeps a close eye on market trends to implement business strategies, ensuring the delivery of cosmetics using fully advanced techniques and facilities. The businesses seeking to invest in the cosmetic sector, Orchid Lifesciences is the perfect company.


Products offered by them :-

Beauty Cream Essential Oils Stretch Mark Cream Cleansers
Massage Cream Aroma & Massage Oil Dark Circle Under Eye Hair Colour Wax
Skin Cream Tinted Sunscreen Cream Hair Setting Spray
Under Arm Cream Foot Cream Face Serum Heat Protecting Spray
Body Lotion Fairness Cream Massage Oil Heat Straightening Spray
Face Wash Night Cream Sunscreen Lotion Body Scrub
Face & Body Scrub Skin Whitening Cream Foaming Face Wash Peel Off Mask
Coffee Scrub Dark Spot Cream Massage Cream De Tan Pack
Lip Balm Facial Kit Face Scrub Facial Kit
Body Powders Body Wash Hair Spa Foaming Face Wash
Lip Scrub Tan Removers Face Cleansers Hair Removal Spray
Anti Aging Cream Cleansing Milk Clay Stick mask Hair Removal Cream
Peel Off Mask Charcoal Peel Mask 3 In 1 Cleansers Sugar Wax
Aloe Vera Gel Hand Sanitizer Hair Removal Foam Shampoo
Under Eye Gel Anti Acne Cream Liposoluble Wax Conditioner
Face Pack Anti Wrinkle Cream Bridal Kit Hair Colour Cream
Curly Enhancer Spray Facial Sheet Mask Hair Mask Hair Serum
Hair Straightening Cream Sunscreen



Plot No. 68-72, Tribhuvan Industrial Estate, Road No.11, Nr. Kathwada GIDC, Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-382430



Email –


Also Deals in Nashik for Third Party Contract Manufacturing of YOUR BRAND Products


2. Insto India

Insto India

Based in Nashik, Insto India is a leading cosmetic manufacturing company that has spent more than 20 years establishing itself as a world leader in Ayurvedic and innovative personal care cosmetic products creation. Insto has a varied range of premium products showcases the creative design of it, as well as private label branding, custom formulation, and contract manufacturing services, thanks to a competent team of inventive scientists, experienced workers, and seasoned executives.

They are particularly good at quality manufacturing process of more than 200 goods, which include Ayurvedic and skincare items, baby products, soaps, shampoos, gels, facial kits and essential oils. Their devotion to quality is demonstrated by their adherence to GMP and ISO 22716 authorization, which ensures top-tier production standards.

Insto India Cosmetics is a fully committed company that uses advanced techniques and facilities to get the best range of products for the skin or any other part, fits best with the market trends. With its state-of-the-art research and  development facility, Insto enables thorough, customer-driven innovation and methodical product development.

Offering premium solutions for international markets, Insto India is a monument to excellence and dependability in the cosmetic manufacturing market, with a history based on successful brand establishment and a strong worldwide presence spanning 15 countries. For more information about us kindly visit the website mentioned below.


Address: C-11/19,47-50,NICE,Satpur,Nashik-422007,Maharashtra,India

Contact: 91-253 2353122



3. Scitech Laboratories Private Limited

Scitech Laboratories Private Limited Company

Scitech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., a Nashik-based company, has been a pioneer in the production of herbal and cosmetic products since 1986. This state-of-the-art facility provides a broad range of products, such as Ayurvedic items, aromatherapy, and different allopathic and nutraceutical remedies. It has a progressive approach cantered on global healthcare products and committed customer satisfaction, and it complies with FDA, FSSAI, ISO, and GMP standards.

The company excels in providing private label branding, contract manufacturing, and a varied range of products, from creams, gels, to capsules. The well-experienced business professionals and experts invest in the cosmeceutical industry, working with associates and investors in different states in India to set up a leading third-party manufacturing unit equipped with a range of machines and equipment. It has a state-of-the-art research facility and is committed to quality. The huge size facility delivers excellent manufacturing conditions because of its location and reasonable price.

Scitech Laboratories distinguishes itself as a top-tier cosmetic manufacturing company based in Nashik, delivering a broad variety of quality solutions while adhering to tight regulatory compliance and establishing itself as a dependable and respected name in the market.



Plot No. B–21/22, STICE, Musalgaon, Industrial Area, Sinnar, Nashik- 422112





4. Bella Earth Organic

Bella Earth Organic

Bella Earth Organic distinguishes itself as an exclusive distributor of herbal beauty care products. With a network of more than 400 locations around the country, it provides an amazing selection of over 200 brands and 5000 products. Personalized client experiences are the focus of this organic paradise, which includes professional guidance during purchasing and attentive after-sales service.

Bella Earth Organic’s steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability is what makes them unique. They have adopted a firm position opposing animal testing, guaranteeing that every product is vegetarian, and are always working to reduce their environmental effect. The brand demonstrates a dedication to “green chemistry” by stressing biodegradability and sourcing from renewable natural origins.

Bella Earth Organic is a leading cosmetic manufacturing company among top private label manufacturers in Nashik that specializes in producing high-quality, environmentally friendly beauty products which doesn’t harm to any skin types including best selling personal care products in Nashik. It serves a sophisticated client that is looking for ethical, ecological, and potent skincare solutions. Bella Earth Organic is a leading cosmetic manufacturing company that prioritizes environmental responsibility and consumer happiness and quality manufacturing process.



Bodhale Nagar, New Tapovan Road, Dwarka, Nashik – 422011 (Near Podar International School)





5. Nandini Herbals

Nandini Herbals

Nandini Herbal Care Pvt. Ltd. has been a reputable brand in the herbal cosmetics market of Nashik, started their business 20 years ago. From a modest selection of face kits, the company has expanded to provide more than 100 highest quality products, completely organic, serving both domestic and foreign consumers. The firm launched its professional skin and hair care line, “N+ PROFESSIONAL,” with a particular focus on the salon business, and it quickly gained popularity throughout India.

Nandini attributes its success to the steadfast patronage of distributors, their core expert team, beauticians, and devoted clients. Fully committed to improving the lives of all those involved, Nandini Herbal Care hopes to become known around the world as an expert cosmetics firm. When it comes to professional personal care products, their dedication to quality, innovation, and technology makes them stand out. The company prioritizes having a strong online presence in keeping with the times, connecting with potential clients via social media, websites, and well-known e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Nandini Herbal Care Pvt. Ltd. offers top-tier third party cosmetic manufacturing services, offering a varied selection of high-quality, creative beauty care products as well as a dedication to customer satisfaction and digital interaction. As an industry leader, they stand out in the cosmetic business along with their amazing business marketing strategies, assuring quality and a close relationship with their clients.



S-201, Signature Complex, Nr.Zydus hospital, Hebatpur Road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380054 Gujarat India.


+91 99988 74048



6. Tatva Essentials

Tatva Essentials

Branded as a high-performance manufacturer, Tatva Essentials offers a wide range of natural cosmetic products that are expertly crafted to boost the skin with clinically proven essences, ensuring long-lasting and remarkable results. The brand is revolutionizing the beauty industry with a sophisticated fusion of natural elements, revered traditions, and modern manufacturing techniques.

Their recently introduced range of natural beauty products embodies a commitment to quality, using organic ingredients proven to be both safe and effective. At the heart of this leading third-party manufacturing unit lies a dedication to not just producing cosmetics, but to creating a range that caters to the skin and hair needs of individuals across the country.

Tatva Essentials, a fully responsive cosmetic manufacturing company, stands out for its focus on curating premium, natural beauty secrets. Their method blends the power of organic materials with technological methods, providing the best revitalizing experience.

Tatva Essentials is a name to know in the world of leading third party manufacturers, with a variety of goods meant to deliver skin-enhancing advantages. Their dedication to delivering natural efficacy and high quality establishes them as an industry leader, offering skincare products that mix tradition, technology, follows modern patterns and unquestionable efficacy. The company promises not just business services but also a well-formulated cosmetics range, catering to every customer’s needs.



Survey No 78/1/18 Ganesh Smruti S V Patel Marg Duttanagar Panchavati Nashik





7. Star Color

Star Color Cosmetics

Star Color is a known leading cosmetics manufacturing company that prioritizes its customers and is committed to providing high-quality, stylish, and innovative goods. With a focus on brand development, OEM, and third-party manufacturing services, the firm is unwavering in its commitment to boosting partner brands’ success in the cosmeceutical market.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Star Color guarantees superior product quality and innovation, supported by a technical compliance and R&D division in Taiwan. Star Color has a 20,000 square foot production facility that is expansive and has clean rooms that are intended to keep microbes out. With state-of-the-art equipment that can handle a variety of formulas, the firm takes pleasure in upholding a setting that promotes product integrity.

The cosmetics company delivers a diverse range of beauty and personal care products formulated in their own unit under the guidance of their best team, utilizing fully advanced techniques and facilities. Moreover, Star Color is dedicated to becoming a top partner for beauty companies and places a high value on adaptability, serving both small and large orders. Being the greatest business partner is their goal, not merely growing to be the biggest company. Being one of the best cosmetic manufacturing companies in Nashik,

Among the multitude of companies, Star Color stands out as a pioneer – a fully committed cosmetic manufacturers dedicated to delivering top-tier products, revolutionizing beauty and personal care. Star Color, a fully fledged manufacturing company in India, guarantees an unmatched commitment to quality, building trusting relationships with clients and striving for ongoing development and innovation. Focusing on state-of-the-art technology, exceptional quality, and adaptability, Star Color distinguishes itself as a trustworthy and respected partner in cosmetic manufacture.



Star Color Cosmetics LLP D7, Unit no 129-134, Bhumi World Industrial Park, Pimplas Village, Mumbai – Nashik Express Highway, Themghar, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302


+912522297049 | +919324204645 | +919653411243




Q1. What distinguishes these companies from others in the cosmetic industry?


These companies stand out for their commitment to quality, innovation, and technology. They offer a wide range of natural, organic, and herbal beauty cosmetics in Nashik that priorities customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, all within reasonable cost.

Q2. Can these companies provide private label services for new cosmetic businesses?


Yes, a lot of these organizations provide private label services that let aspiring cosmetic enterprises introduce items under their own names, helping to build and expand their brands.

Q3. Do these businesses use environmentally friendly production practices?


A lot of these businesses do, in fact, place a strong emphasis on utilizing organic and natural materials, minimizing their environmental impact, abstaining from animal testing, and adhering to eco-friendly and sustainable methods.

Q4. What measures are taken to comply with regulations and industry standards during manufacturing?


These businesses closely follow FDA, GMP, and ISO regulations. They use stringent quality control procedures throughout the whole manufacturing process, and their facilities are outfitted with controlled conditions to avoid contamination.

Q5. What equipment and technology do they use in their manufacturing process?


Modern machinery is used by these cosmetic producers for formulation, processing, and packaging, guaranteeing effective and superior production in GMP-compliant settings.

Q6. How are the lifespan and product stability guaranteed by these companies?


To make sure that their goods maintain their quality and effectiveness over their shelf lives, these manufacturers use state-of-the-art laboratories to do comprehensive stability testing. To preserve the integrity of the goods, they employ trustworthy packaging and storing techniques.



To sum up, Nashik’s cosmetic manufacturing industry is a thriving, cutting-edge center that personifies excellence, creativity, and customer-focused thinking. These leading cosmetic manufacturing businesses are distinguished by their dedication to cutting-edge technology, excellent product quality, and strict adherence to industry standards including FDA, GMP, and ISO compliance. They provide both small and large-scale organizations with a wide range of services, including private label, bespoke formulas, and third-party production. These companies priorities sustainable manufacturing techniques over animal experimentation and encourage ecologically responsible practices by emphasizing natural, herbal, and organic products. Their large, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with their advanced technology provide hygienic and regulated settings, which in turn ensures the safety and effectiveness of the cosmetics produced.

Nashik is a renowned center of excellence and dependability in the beauty and skincare sector, making it an ideal partner for companies looking for flexible, inventive, and dependable cosmetic production. These reliable companies will fit the requirements of your business perfectly.


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